I know Thanksgiving was yesterday, but why should we only give thanks for what we have on one day of the year? We should be thankful everyday and express gratitude for our life. Thanksgiving may be over, but there will be more days to come where you have the opportunity to help others in some way. I have taken some time to put up a List of 10 things I’m thankful for:

-living a healthy life.
-having a caring and loving family.
-having good and understanding friends.
-having delicious food to eat.
-having a house in which I can sleep in.
-having a brilliant mind and a huge imagination.
-being able to express myself.
-having the ability to listen and understand others.
-possessing technology that entertains me and helps me communicate with others that aren’t near.
-having the protection and care of God and the other divine deities.*

(I respect everyone's opinions and ideals. If you don't share my religious views, you can replace these words with that of your God or the thing or being you think created or protects you).

Mood: Relaxing and enjoying the free time
Listening to: To Know That You’re Alive by Kutless
Today’s Lesson: Be thankful for all that you have and the life that you're living, even if it's not exactly how you want it to be.