Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m posting this right before a party at my house begins. Today I’ll just leave two gifts under the Christmas post (and they are the presents I give myself for Christmas: songs). The first is a song for my friend ShinigamiNinja. I know he’ll like it, because even I did (and it’s already on my mp3 player and Windows music library). The song’s Pink Mammoth by Pelican, an instrumental post-metal track that got me into listening to more Pelican songs. The second is Lianna’s gift, Red Sky by Thrice, which she told me today she liked when I gave her a preview. It’s a great alternative rock song, of which I like the instrumental (and the Vitamin String Quartet Tribute version, which I also have on my mp3 player).  The songs are also available at the In the Corner box on the sidebar. Also if anyone else wants a present from me, go ahead, ask me the one (song) you like or take one from the Christmas tree box.

Pink Mammoth by Pelican

Red Sky by Thrice

I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow and that you don’t forget the true meaning of this day.