I’m not an extraordinary poet or someone that writes poems all the time, but when I feel like it and have free time (or I have to write something for my English journals), I write short poems. Most of the short poems I write are haikus, my favorite type of poetry for being short and simple (no stressed-syllables or rhymes to worry about, like on limericks). If you never heard of haikus, they are three-line poems originated in Japan. The first and third lines have five syllables, while the second has seven. It’s supposed to have a connection between nature and human life. It rarely rhymes and is not supposed to, because the message and the way it’s presented are more important. And I always try to give some symbolism and lessons into my poetry. Here are my first attempts at haikus (written a year ago).

Plant that dries from drought
did not save water last night;
angry with itself.

Lizard walks on fire
Stopped to see the scenery
Lizard ends up burned.

Eating fat all night
Your body works as normal
Soon it will all stop.

A young sailor boy
boasted that he was the best;
ended lost at sea.

Tell me what you think of them. I'll be posting some more soon.