I have been busy recently, and I feel like it’s my fault (it is, but the teachers’ "brilliant" ideas for holidays have to do with it too). Well, I wasted another holiday and now find myself doing the essay at the last minute. If only time could be bought (I hope it’s cheap) or re-used, then I could finally do at least half of the things I want to do in my life. I’ll be posting some of my haikus in the next few days, and should make myself write down the "What’s in the Playlist?" articles I have on my mind. I also have to write the game review on a certain game I found on the web weeks ago (no, it’s not the Mama Kills Animals game, that was just for laughs, fun and discussion). Now back to making my "modest proposal," (I'm trying to make it more outrageous than the original to no effect).

Mood: A little tense, but still staying calm and cool
Listening to: Pork and Beans by Weezer (came up and reminded me of the YouTube Live event this Saturday)
Today’s Lesson: Stop procrastinating! Or you’ll end sleeping later than usual (and for me, that’s past midnight).