Ok, some of the candidates I wanted to win didn’t. The island’s almost all blue (and not in a good way, since the elections weren't as close as I expected). But that’s ok; because now if the government is lazier and dumber, then people will learn not to vote for the same old money wasters (they’ll have to gain consciousness eventually). Also, like everybody expected, Barack Obama won the USA elections and became the 44th elected president of the nation. Hope he brings more than just a new face into the White House, and fulfills his promise for “change we can believe in.” That means we weren’t the only ones covered in blue (and some red).

On another topic, I’m studying for a big test tomorrow (on the electoral process) and still procrastinating homework by beginning to do the headers (tell me what you think of them).

Mood: rockin’ over a sea of blue
Listening to: Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Today’s Lesson: To learn how to win you have to learn how to lose.

[Note: I'm neither Republican nor of the USA Democratic Party, and I'm not bashing nor expressing my support for Obama.]